Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For those who follow my blog from my website, you know I'm still around but how come no blog? The answer is NO TIME to blog! Since my last blog my wife, Ann and I have been totally involved in moving my 95 year old Mom from Surrey to Port McNeill. She had been living in her own, same, apartment for 28 years and enjoying it, but the emergencies to the hospital were becoming more frequent. In April she was there for a month. We transferred her to the Port McNeill Hospital on May 13th and then spent the better part of 3 weeks clearing out and shutting down her apartment - many, many trips since January. The trips are over now but we must get her settled in a senior care home. Where, what and how are still to come.
My blog is called ART TALK so enough of unloading my personal life on you. My painting has been at a standstill but will resume in the VERY NEAR future (like tomorrow). We are expecting our first bus tour to our gallery here in Nimpkish Heights tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. precisely and after that the painting will begin! A pleasant return, but not an easy one, to an activity that sustains my enjoyment of life . Something like a freight train, the beginning is super slow until you get on a roll once more.
Bear with me. As the train gets rolling the blogs will roll too!

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