Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just finished a commission for a person in Germany. I enter the agreement to do a commission rather hesitatingly because it is usually a distraction from the work that is creatively straight from my Muse. When I accept it, the client understands that there is no time limit. This gives me the opportunity to work on the piece when I am in the frame of mind to do so. For instance, if the work is to be one of a beach scene, I will work on it when I am ready to explore that subject. This was a watercolour and the spirit was with me!

Did you know?  Old watercolourists never die, they just wet their sheets!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

South of the Border

Just got back from a road trip down to San Francisco. For several years we had been salivating with our friends about a drive down the Oregon coast to a possible San Francisco destination. We finally did it but our friends were limited to ten days. Two big revelations for me: Cannon Beach, which I idolized in my mind, was a cluttered, tourist trap with access to the beach severely limited by an endless row of beach houses. When I return I will make my base at Newport Beach and drive from there to a number of gorgeous areas within its circumference to paint and paint and paint! The other revelation was rather humbling for a Vancouver Islander. The Redwood trees were immense and much of the original old growth was saved. A highway called The Avenue of the Giants led through 35 miles of trees so large it seemed unreal. 35 miles of Cathedral Grove!!!

These were the highlights of an reconnaissance trip that gave us a really good idea of places to settle into and explore.