Saturday, November 12, 2011

At Last a new Posting on my Blog

I must apologize for my tardiness in keeping this blog up to date. There have been some major changes in our family and in our life but everything is a bit more settled now and I can go on with keeping you informed and up to date. We are still running the gallery on a "by appointment" basis. "By Appointment" sounds so formal but really means give us a call before you waste your gasoline to come out here to make sure we are home.
I am involved with one other commercial but hope to expand to others as well. The gallery I am with at present is in Nanaimo and is called Gallery 223.
I've done some interesting marine scapes and will demonstrate how I've done them on this blog in NEXT BLOG. In the meantime, if you look on my website and click on "Paintings", you'll find at the top of the list a new category called "Small Original Paintings". If you click on this it will present a blog with a number of new, small original paintings for sale. The November rains have come with a vengeance and I am enjoying the warmth of my studio with all sorts of new ideas! Check me out in a few days!

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